Getting out there

Getting out there

Monday, 10 November 2014

2014 Ending

Well the year is almost Ending and it's been a rocky year as far as Racing and Blogging goes. A couple of good performances at the begining of the year and a great Race for my last of the year the inbetween never really went anywhere.

As far as my Running goes it has been a solid year as far as training goes and a higher increase in my usual milege, Although I have just enjoyed getting out there and running with good buddies old and new, and got to explore some new insane trails in 3 countries, which have to be 2014's highlights although never Blogged about them in fact never Blogged much about anything really.

But with new plans for 2015 it's time to start capturing the Adventures on this here Blog.

So First up will be my 6th showing at the D33 (entry pending :-) which was my first ever race 2009 Can I break that 4hr?

Next is the monster that is the Hoka Hghland Fling 53m Question is can I break 10hrs?

well that's the start of the Year taken care of now just to find the middle and End :-)

The hardwork starts now for the build up to 2015.

Safe Runnings and Advetures.


  1. Good to see you blogging, look forward to seeing a bit more of it. :-) Good luck on your 2015 journey, can't wait to see you smash those "can I break..." goals (because the answer is yes, you can - now go out and do it!!). x