Getting out there

Getting out there

Monday, 17 March 2014


The Deeside 33 is a great Race to test out your winter training and will let you know where you are at. This was my 5th showing at the D33 Organised and Ran by the Awesome team of Epicshitracing and boy they know how to put on a Great start of the season Race.

This was going to be a tough ask to beat last years time of 4hrs 28mins, I wasn't feeling to confidant, but have done more speed work and more miles through the winter, So It was time to test everything out.

After the off I was struggling in the first 3 miles, struggling to breath and just didn't feel right, after 3 miles I pulled up and emptied my stomach contents at the side of the trail, after a few minutes I joined back in and worked hard to get back up the Field and Feeling 100%.

I reached the Turn around the same time as last year 2hrs 5mins, So I knew I had to keep a good pace all the way Back. But as the race wen't on I seemed to get stronger and was holding a good pace, Stats are...

Marathon Time 3hrs.25mins Same as Last year
50k Time was 4hrs 7mins
33miles in 4hrs 23mins a P.B of 5mins.
25th Placed

300ml High5
6 x High5 Gels
Brooks t7 Racers 

Great work by all involved and a huge Thanks to all Crew who gave up their Time to let us Run.

Safe Runnings

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