Getting out there

Getting out there

Monday, 30 December 2013

A New Years Day Running


It does look picturesque, but I don't think we will be lucky come New Years Day. Having worked through the Christmas period, I have earned the New Year Off and thought there wouldn't be a better place to Go for a Run than the New Years Day Hardmoors 30.

I had looked at this last year and didn't make it, So this year were all set for the journey down to Whitby for a couple of Days.

Running wise I have been going well and planned a 3 month period which I would concentrate on short speed work, this runs through till the End of January, then I will move back into the Hills and longer distances, I have already noticed a difference in holding a faster pace for a longer distance as this is the plan I am Aiming for.

The Hardmoors Kicks off an Interesting month a head, A short time after the Hardmoors I fall into the male Vet catagory. So have a nice wee Run planned for that, Shortly after I should find out if I have been successful In taking a place at the C.C.C at the U.T.M.B. 

But first of all I need to get myself around the Hardmoors 30 route without going off route, Also think the conditions are going to be against us. But should make it more Fun.

Hope Everyone has a Safe and Great 2014 and All the best when it Comes by.

Safe Runnings


  1. All the best for Hardmoors. Don't envy you given the forecast!! Will keep everything crossed for CCC too :)

  2. All the best there buddy!
    "Run like the wind!" :o}