Getting out there

Getting out there

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Well the 3rd Running of the Glenmore 24HR Trail Race got of to a Flyer, After some heavy torrential Rain on Friday night, by 10am on the morning the Sun made a welcome appearance.

With out all the 4 mile Lap by Lap, I was running well and stayed within the top 5 for most of the race well until I decided to have a 2.5hr sleep around 5am and after 17hrs Racing and around 84miles covered, I did get back out and start to pick up the Race again.

I finished the 24hr's with 101.85 miles on the clock which was 1.85 more than I hoped for, Now this was a tough race and course there are hills, not big but they soon feel bigger on every climb and descent.

So that's it a very Happy Race and Runner

Well done Team BAM for an Awesome event Once again.

Safe Runnings :-)  

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