Getting out there

Getting out there

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Whats been Hppening

Since the cateran 55 I have been ticking over nicely, My June adventure would come in the form of support crew and Runner for Dave Simpson, I have known Dave no for a couple of years through the community that is Ultra Running. Also our Families have met up often at our crazy adventures and have become our own Ultra Wags, along with Angus and Ross the Boss.

With me and Leeann joining Team Simpson our Goal was getting Dave from A to B well thats Milngavie to FortBill 95 miles in one Piece, All I will say is Through a great team effort and a super performance our Goal was acheived, am Sure Dave will share his journey at some point, Thanks to Team Simpson for a great weekend.

So whats next on the Agenda, well I am meeting up with some Folks this weekend to Run the Great Glen Way 73miles, I am looking forward to this challenge as I have never been on the Route and I am quite excited by this. However this is a Training run for a bigger Goal later in the season.

I never entered the Devil of the Highlands this year as I was unsure of the dates regarding the Great Glen Way, although I could of Ran it as its around 4 weeks after, So instead I came up with the Plan of Running the John Lucas 50 miler which happens to be on Tarmac, Having never even Ran a 10k never mind a marathon on the stuff, How did i think this was a good Idea :-) well it will be my last big Run before the Goal Race if it doesn't destroy me.

Which is the Glenmore 24hr Trail Event Run by Team BaM. This is a great event and my Friend and Over the Seas Coach is coming over to Run the 12hr however he says he won't be racing as this is his last training run before Spartathlon, So am super excited by this Event and I have focused well on It and would like to give a good account of myself here. So I have contacted said over the seas Coach and Dutch National 24hr Champ (mr Rennes :-) ) to set me a nice 8 week pre Race schedule that will push me further than I would push myself normally, and Hopefully get me there ready to give it a good Go.

As he said be ready to Hurt

Safe Runnings

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