Getting out there

Getting out there

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cateran 49m and a 6m Race

Well after another DNF at the Hoka Highland Fling, that's my 3rd one in 4 attempts at this race, although I pulled at half way, I was encouraged to have Ran a fast 27miles injury free, I just didn't have any miles left in my legs, However that disappointment I used to get ready for the Cateran.  

Friday morning seen myself and the good Lady and my mascot Cookie headed to the Costa Del Spittal Of Glen Shee, It really was a surprise to see the Scottish sun in all it's glory. Of Course the Spittal of Glen Shee was the HQ for the Cateran 55 mile trail race.

After a pleasant drive we arrived to find Ian Minty already there enjoying some chill time. and as planned and since we wanted to enjoy the sun we done a quick change into the running gear.

I said an easy 3m Ian the task master Said 5m so we ran 4.6m :-) It was wee trail not far from the Hotel following the River, and it was great to chat with Ian again and stretch the legs.

So Race morning and as usual my race starts never go to plan, My Garmin wouldn't start so my plans had a quick change as I ran with a piece of paper with last years splits in my pocket I would simply check the times as I arrived at checkpoints and try a keep ahead of  last years splits. I would just run as I felt.

Soon we set off, and after the first couple of mile I stopped to change out of my heavy jacket as I started to overheat, I soon settled in and Ran within my comfort zone, although I started to feel the heat which does not usually bother me but I felt very lightheaded was heavily sweating another thing that I rarely do, I was very aware of my fluid intake and made sure I was taking it on more regular.

After checkpoint 3 I ran the majority of the race on my own, I found this very tough especially after CP 5. I had been getting my splits checked and had managed to claim around 5 mins on each section and was 27mins up on last years time. about the 40mile mark the rain came on and I decided to take 5mins to sit under a tree and take in the vivid green fields and Trees across the Valley in the Rain it was worth the Sit down, I phoned and had a chat with leeann and told her I was waiting for some one to run with and enjoying a sit down, or my legs where enjoying a sit down.

I sat for a while and no one came along, So I plodded on again and just before the Boggy hill section I lay down more to enjoy and hope some one came by, and within seconds 1st female Lorna Maclean came by I think she was startled that I was lying down, however I ensured her I was well just not enjoying running on my own.

After Lorna was around 300yrds ahead I got up and headed off after her, Thanks Lorna as you pulled me along those last 3-4 miles to the Kirkmichael checkpoint.I stopped here and Lorna disapeared, I sat for a short time and then Got on my way, I was aware that I ran the last section 6 miles with around 550m climb in 1hr 2mins last year, but I was not as confident I could copy that, However I got into the last checkpint and still had around 19 mins up on last year, So I lay down and tried to stretch out the legs as I wanted another shot at Running the last section as it suits my Type of running. I did get strange comments from the Marshalls as I was flat out resting the legs.

At this Point my sparring partner from last year Turned up at the checkpoint, and ask if I was going with him, but at this point the ground was way too comfy. So I watched as Donald headed away, I lay and new my P.B time was disappearing. A short time after I was up and on my way and this is where my Race Started.

I was struggling to put in  much of a Run and I wasn't surprised that Donald had not wasted his opportunity and Opened a big gap and it took a while before he came into view and when he did my head went down it was to much or was it? Ian and Lorna came running down and had a quick chat and this seemed to spur me on could I catch Donald? the Chase was on, Soon as Donald was in View he was watching and now knew I was moving, we parted company here last year, but this year he was making me work to catch him, After a couple of uphill miles of playing chase I caught up with him and Found Ross was only another 100yrds or so on the steep climb.

Donald encouraged me to go for it, but in Honesty I only wanted Donalds company lol, So we powered up the last climb pushing each other hard, Ross knew he would have to Fly the last downhill mile, I love descending and feel it's a strong point even this late in a Race, Now we did not hang around, caution to the wind  and with Donald's legs passing his ears and a few scary moments the End was in sight. Now this is where I take my hat of to Ross Grieve he had run the full race in vivo barefoots, and boy did he smash that last descent, great race Ross.

Me and donald shoulder to shoulder watery eyes and snot and almost at the gate, Donald had ran a solid race and was about 28mins? up on last years time, it was at this point I stopped for a pee, and Like the true sportsman that he is he waited to see if I was good I waved him on but he waited and we crossed the line together joint 14th place and a 2min P.B 10HRS 50MINS, In all honesty that last 6 miles again made my race and it was great to push and be pushed hard by Donald and you can't beat a Finnish Line like the Cateran Trail Race.

A Huge well done to all involved you are all amazing, and thank you for a great Weekend :-)

Safe Runnings

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